How To Install IPA Files Without Jailbreaking Your iOS Device

One of the most common reasons why people jailbreak their Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is because they can install many new amazing applications and make the most out of their iPhone or iPad. After the shutdown of Installous, it felt as if the piracy would end but here we have a new Chinese website which allows you to install IPA files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without jailbreaking your iOS device. Follow the procedure illustrated below to learn how to install pirated apps without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad.

This online service, Kuaiyong is basically developed with an aim of helping the Chinese Apple fans to download apps securely since they are not much familiar with the iTunes system. Kuaiyong offers detailed descriptions of apps, free app download trial, IOS device management and visual and audio file backup system. IOS system backup and recovery features will also be released in the very near future.

How To Install IPA Files WIthout Jailbreaking Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch

  • YOU NEED: Before starting the process, you’ll need a PC or laptop working on Win XP/7/8, an iOS device, the latest version of iTunes and visit website.
Install IPA Files:
  1.  Firstly connect your phone to your PC, then launch iTunes. Following this, enter your iPhone app tab, uncheck the “Automatically synchronize new app installed” and confirm the settings by pressing “sync” at the bottom right.
  2. In order to install Kuaiyong, launch it first and then click the second last button from the bottom right corner of the option seen on the screen.
  3. Now start the Kuaiyong program and search the apps that you want to download.
  4. After getting to the particular page of the application, click the red button on the left side of the page to download it. And after the completion of the download, your device will have that app installed in it.
  5. In order to manually add an application in the list, make a right-click on the app to iPhone transfer, then select choice number 2 displayed.
Kuaiyong was accessible only to China citizens for around a year but now it’s available internationally and it will be releasing it’s English version for Windows OS soon. The way the service works is by using bulk enterprise licensing to bypass Apple’s safeguards, essentially distributing the same exact app over and over again.
So I hope the procedure was simple and clear to you. Start installing all the amazing and exciting applications on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and enjoy. Do let us know if you have any difficulties, we’ll try to solve them as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, keep supporting!

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