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How to Clean a Pizza Stone

A pizza stone enables your home stove to emulate the impacts of a block broiler. The permeable stone assimilates and holds warm equitably and dispenses with overabundance dampness in the pizza batter to make a magnificently fresh outside layer. A pizza stone does, notwithstanding, require some unique care. Take after these rules to keep your stone fit as a fiddle:

• Never wash your pizza stone with cleanser. The pores will ingest it, and you’ll have the capacity to taste it when you make your next pizza.

• Never submerge your stone in water. Rather, once the stone has cooled totally, rub off any prepared on nourishment with a hardened, dry brush or a plastic scrubber, and afterward utilize a soggy material to wipe it down. Try not to stress if your stone gets recolored—that is normal and won’t influence the kind of the following pizza you make.


• If your stone gets greatly grimy, you can utilize medium-coarseness sandpaper to sand down any raised bits.

• Some individuals keep their stones in their stoves to make all the more even warmth for another preparing. In the event that you do this, know it will take the broiler longer to warm. Likewise, never abandon it in the broiler amid the self-cleaning cycle since it might break.

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